Export room names in different excel cells

I am trying to export room names from revit to a program which is written in excel.
I need to export the specific list to start from the row 6 and the next name to be at the row 12 and so on, from 6 to 6 row, can anyone help?

Insert blank strings into each of your lists to make all of them 6 items long. See below:

Fill Rest.dyn (19.4 KB)

@moraruandrei29 try this:

If you flatten everything all your data will go in column A

This works only if you type manually the name of the rooms, I have the list of the rooms, is taking all rooms with windows from the project automatically and I want the names from this list to be exported from 6 to 6 rows, I cannot figure it out how to from your examples…

Hi’ @moraruandrei29,

Could you provide us with a adequate example of what the Excel Sheet would look like? I think this is the best way going forward helping you.


Here it is a picture, I cannot upload the file because it this website doesn’t let me upload .xlsb files.
I have to place the list where its says R1, R2 and so on