Create single line Text from Multiline Text

Hi Experts,
How to split the Multiline text using Enter as the separator? Tried " /n" but doesn’t work! Any ideas??
Need Syntax or a way to identify Enter in a string so that it can replaced by something else like “-”

The idea is to copy content from the Sheet Title (which has been set up a Multi-line text and values fed from Excel already) to match the same value from the Sheet title into the View’s Title on Sheet parameter
Rest of the stuff from my graph works… except that it comes in as two lines!!

Adding the simple graph

Why I need to make it to single line:

R. Chandrasekar.

Hello @Chandrasekar_Rajaman,

Please find the below solution for your problem.
The new line character defined as backslash and n (\n), but you have provided the frontslash n (/n)

Here is the new improved graph.