Replace all image parameters into text parameters

Hello i’m a rookie. can someone help me to create a dynamo code that Replaces all filenames on image parameter (“סימון קהל יעד”) into a text parameter (“סימון אות קהל יעד”)? (without the “.jpg” extention) example:
image paramter says: “P.jpg” > the text parameter will just say “P”

screenshot of relevant parameters display on schedule:

This is the revit file:

Hi @danezeq,
I believe this should do the trick. Schedule.dyn (21.1 KB)

thanks. it doesnt work
can i export a log or somthing that you can see the reason?

I hope you are not running my script directly.
You need to change the inputs in the file first and then run it.

oops. i get you. i updated the two circled blocks. the left one the the name of the old parameter (image prameter) and the right one with the new parameter.
i’ve also changed “.png” to “.jpg”
what else am i missing?

You need to select the appropriate Schedule in the very 1st node called Views.
Apart from that it looks good.

Here is how i done it? Can you find any mistake i’m doing?

Does this schedule title read Architectural Presentation 3D?

If not, try selecting the schedule in the node circled instead of Architectural Presentation 3D.

Thanks. now i run it and i runs without errors, but nothing happens

Can you share the output preview of all the nodes?

how can i do it? screenshot?

ive just got this solution! thank you both :slight_smile:

Glad it work out for you.
You may mark your answer as solution so others can refer to it.