Batch Rename Raster Images

I am trying to batch rename raster images, but I am getting an error that says parameter is read only. This should be possible, it is just a type name and I can individually change it in Revit, does anyone have any ideas on how to make this work? See image below for script.



Check if that is the correct parameter name you want to change.
Maybe you just want to change the “name” parameter instead of “type name” paramater.
Take first item of the list raster and collect the parameters, with the node Parameters so you can read how Revit call it.

I tried a few and they didn’t work. When I used the node to see all the available parameters for it the name was listed under the parameter type. Although when you try to get the type parameter value it comes out blank.

May you upload a screenshot of that parameter list, when you lace the node parameters?

Is this what you are asking for?

I just realized I was using the wrong node to set the type name. Element.SetName from clockworks is the node I usually use for setting names, but even that is coming out as a fail. Does the Element.SetName node not work for setting the type name of the category raster images?

Type Name appears to be read-only:

If you hook an Object.Type node up to the image or the ElementType of the image, it returns as “Autodesk.Revit.DB.UnknownElement” and unknown elements generally can’t be managed in Dynamo in my experience; I believe that might be what the issue is here

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Thanks, its so odd that that would be set up that way for raster images when I can easily change its type name in Revit just like you would any other element.