Find and replace text in sheet name parameter

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I have over a hundred sheets. Each of them has a title block with a “sheet name” parameter.

Is it possible to use a kind of ‘find and replace’ command through dynamo to edit the text in this parameter?
In my particular case I would like to change “WW” by West Wing" into each sheet:

Since it is a very repetitive task and that the Revit built-in “find and replace” tool is not working in this case I thought dynamo could be helpful. But I am a beginner and your hindsight could be very precious.



If you get all your sheets using the category and get all elements of category nodes, then use the get parameter to get a list of all the sheet names you can use the string.replace node and then set parameter to pass the values back into the sheets

Follow the suggestion provided by @Jimmy_G

It is working!
Here is the whole script for those who will have the same question:

Thank you very much for your reactivity and hindsight.

Long live Dynamo!


Could you please post a larger image…Thanks.

Hi Paul,

sorry for the late reply.

Hope this is better quality:

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Really thank you

I appreciate Dynamo and Dynamo Users =D

Hey guys,

Thanks for this post - I was able to use this script on a project and find it very helpful. I’m starting to learn designscript and wonder would you write this in DS? I know it’s possible but not sure how to start.

Thanks in advanced

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@jo-Z Please start a new thread and show your graph which you want to write to DS. Cheers!

Hi all, I’ve tried to recreate the script above but It gave out to many warnings.
I’ve manipulated the scrip and its working up to the watch node, but as soon as I import it into Revit it completely renames all sheets uncontrollably. I’ve below is a high res export of my dynamo file. (new users cant upload)

Can somebody please help?