Replace a data if it doesn't contain ....?

How Can I replace all the informations that doesn’t contain “Phase de création” by: “Pas d’information”?


Simply said,

You cannot replace the Value of the Field “Phase de création” with a text, it takes only Id’s.
The Id’s of the Phases


You could create a new Phase for the elements that you don’t have info about and assign it to the elements.

But…How do you have elements without Phase? That means that they can’t be assigned a Phase!!

If that is the situation, those elements don’t have a Phase parameter nor can be assigned. I guess you could make a new parameter to clarify it where you copy the text from the phase or “Pas d’information” when appropriate. Is your goal to export it in a table or something like that?

Since Phase in your views is setting the moment in the timeline you “see” the model, simply creating a new Phase just to get some text would ruin your model i guess, so be carefull here

Is this what you’re looking for?

So did it work?