Repeat date in solar analysis results


I’m new to both Dynamo and Revit and I’m mainly interested in the solar analysis for now. I’ve created a dynamo graph that runs a still solar analysis using the sun settings in the Revit project. My aim is to output the solar energy on the surface on an hourly basis with an analysis interval spanning several days. This worked so far but since the output will generate a lot of rows, I want to be able to identify each row with the date and time of the analysis.

The SolarAnalsysis.Analyze only outputs the solar energy and calculation points but I couldn’t find a way to output the needed date and time. I found a workaround that uses the count in the list to match the date and time with the solar data but if for some reason the count ends up with an odd number, the lists won’t be correct.

My question is if there is a way to output the results of the solar analysis with the time stamps.

If you see anything else that needs fixing in the graph, you’re welcome to point it out.


This may not work as I don’t know how the SunSettings.GetTimeAndSunDirections node deals with the time output. Try to convert the initial date/time object from that node to a string and add it to the list of results using a List.AddItemToFront node.

You may also want to look into the Ladybug and Honeybee packages as another option.

The result of AddItemtoFront, or toEnd, added the date and time to either the end or the start of the list, but not to each row.

Will try to look into Ladybug and Honeybee as you suggested. Any function type to look at in particular?

Try looking here:

The linked video did not help solve my issue. I think the way to do it is working with lists.

The solar analysis output is a series of points organised in lists. For each frame of the analysis, the points will repeat, and the result will be in a list (or a sublist?). So I’m thinking along the line of finding out when a new sublist is created and inserting the date and time of the analysis.

The screenshot probably explains my idea better. What I mean is that when sublist 0 is finished and sublist 1 begins, insert the date and time in the final output.


I hope I managed to convey my idea clearly.