Repath Dynamo Samples Folder

Hello guys,

is it possible to repath the dyn samples folder.


End of the week call!!!

Anyone know if this is possible?

Perhaps in the XML file which contains your configuration. Can I ask why?

An alternative would be to just save the files in the default location…

The xml file doesn’t list samples from what I saw but had all the other groups shown. Kinda odd.

Hello Jacob,
We would like to share dyn office templates.

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@BIMadmin if you want a easy way to get to graphs you have already created, then you may want to have a look at a Dynamo extension i have created called DynaStandard which can be found at the below github link.


  • I would advise on the ViewExtension method to install.
  • I am also looking at a way to have different python templates that can be applied -

Github Link: