Sort views by position in project browser


is there any way I can sort a list of views according to the position in the Project browser without creating a new numerical parameter or renaming views to give them numerical prefixes? Dynamo’s default sorting is by ID.

I doubt it since the browser can be organized in very different ways.
You would need to mimic your browser organization to achieve that

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As with most things in Revit, it’s all based on parameters. Browser organization is just sorting and grouping by given parameters. You just need to sort and group your views by the same parameters.

You might even be able to get those parameters and filters from the API.


I am still not familiar with Python and Revit API, is there any node that can do such a thing?

Not that I’m aware of (that’s why I posted the API) but there could be a custom package somewhere that already does this. If you have a standard browser organization you could just “hard code” it.

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