Renumbering the room number


New to dynamo here.

I was tinkering with the renumbering of the room numbers with this file ROOMCURVINGNUMBERTARIQ.dyn (26.6 KB)

the error message that I am receiving is in the below snapshot -

My room numbers are coming up as 12, 13… instead of L1-012, L1-013…

Can someone help.

Much appreciated

Your definition works for me, however you don’t need this:

In the group is what I think a better way to create the room numbers if they reach a 3 digits number

Thanks a lot Viktor,

I have now warning messages now.

However my output in room tags in revit still shows them as 012 instead of L1-012.

Is there something that I am missing?

Attaching the experiment revit file room image here -

Did you see the bottom 2 screenshots? You have to change your definition a little bit before the Elemenet.SetParameterByName node.

missed it…thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

***That awesome moment when you google something you need and the answer was posted by your friend! :slight_smile: Cheers, Viktor!

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Welcome to the forum Yigit :slight_smile: