Room renumbering unexpected error

Hi all,

I’ve made a dynamo graph to renumber rooms along a curve. I’m not overly experienced with Dynamo so i found a good tutorial on how to renumber rooms with Dynamo. The graph I’ve created renumbers the rooms exactly as i want it to.

However… when i run the script in Dynamo, i subsequently “lose” all the families placed in the rooms. They are still in the model but are no longer visible in any of the floor plans associated with the particular level. I have tried the script in other projects and the same thing happens.

I have attached screenshots of before and after and the .dyn file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

TRC room number.dyn (47.7 KB)


Hi @AndrewWalker

Turn off previews of each node in your dynamo graph. You can also turn off in one go by selecting all the nodes right click grouping it and then right click on group turn off the preview.


Brilliant. Thank you so much!

You’re welcome :wink:. Please mark the post as solved

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