Element.Setname node missing in Dynamo 1.2

I cannot find Element.setname node in earlier version of dynamo. Is the node name changed or any alternate. Please suggest.


Did you install the package Clockwork in Dynamo 1.2 ?

Yes. I don’t know why it is not being shown . It works perfectly fine in dynamo 2 for me. My revit version is 2017

Can you open the folder dyf of the clockwork package and verify if the custom node setname.dyf is inside ?

EDIT : Did you verify the version of clockwork ?
The last is 1.31.2

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@Sujan Are you using Dynamo 1.2 in Revit 2017?

Hi, Thanks . There was no Element.setname
I reinstalled the package. Now I can see the node. It’s frustrating I have to close revit to choose which Dynamo version to run


Hi Alban, I have similar issue but in my case Element.SetName.dyf file is available in the package folder. But the node is not popping up when i search for it in Dynamo. any suggestion?

Hi, Try to uninstall the package and reinstall it.

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