Help regarding renaming views

Hello, I was looking for some explanation regarding why I’m getting warning whenever I’m running an element.setParameterByName node in dynamo. I created a few levels for revit in Dynamo. Subsequently, I wanted to rename those levels with a corresponding list of names for each of them. Whenever I run this node,l it displays this same error:
“Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
The referenced object is not valid, possibly because it has been deleted from the database, or its creation was undone.”

Try using the Spring.NullSetParameter.
Still same error?

Sorry, I could not find any Spring.NullSetParameter node in the node library.
Btw I’m using Dynamo 1.3.3

Oh - you need to download the spring nodes package :slight_smile:.

Can you upload your Dynamo graph ?

I tried to upload the dynamo graph here but it didn’t accept since apparently new users can’t upload attachment.
Anyway, here is a screenshot of my entire graph. Apologies for how haphazard it looks.

You can use Onedrive/Dropbox/GoogleDrive/WeShare etc to share your graph :slight_smile:

And fyi, try this button when zoomed into a single node of your graph :wink:

Instead of “View Name” try writing “Name” as the SetParameter :).

Otherwise I think you should try “Get BuiltInParameter”. Can’t remember if it is the archi-lab, you can get that package from

This is a link containing the dynamo graph and the excel list it’s using:

The parameter is not “Name” it is “View Name”

The Spring.NullSetParameter solved the problem:

I had also deleted one of the views manually from revit by mistake which may have caused the problem. Now it’s working fine. I’ll download the spring nodes package too for future reference. Thanks for the help :grinning:

You’re welcome. Please mark the solution as the solution for your topic, and maybe drop a like here and there :slight_smile: