Renumber sections in the order picked

Can anyone please help with why this routine doesn’t work everytime I run the routine I get this error message.

Any help would be appreciated

@Symmdynamo6720 ,

does it work List.Sort ? maybe Sort.ByKey



I’m not sure that’s quite what I’m after doing it that way. I want to pick the sections in the order I want to rename them. It allows me to rename the to the Temp values but when I then try to rename them again it fails. I’m clearly doing something wrong in the passthrough but I can’t figure it out.

I dont think a passthrough is needed there, you are telling the passthrough node to wait for the node thats feeding it the input anyway

I have tried it with the passthrough, with exactly the same result unfortunately. This is why I’ve become a bit stumped

sorry without the passthrough

Did you have the names section 1 or 2 or 3
before using a temp “buffer” name?


I assume you need a transaction end and start node after renaming your views the first time, i dont think Dynamo and Revit ‘know’ you changed the view names in the first part.

So replace the passthrough node with a transaction end and transaction start node

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Yes they were named that way Christian but in the incorrect order. the script had no problem renaming them to Temp… though. Why do you think that maybe causing the issue

Thank you I’ll give that a try

Yes possible, I had a similar problem when I wanted to rename grids, I restarted the script twice, not tip top, try Mr. @MVE1112 solution


I normally do it that way here…know its for sheet but could probably work…Renumbering Project Browser Sheets

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So I’ve got it working properly now. I t was because I’d made a bit of a rookie error. So I have to apologise in advanced. I’d already get a section with one of the numbers I was trying to use so here is the working script for everyone to copy and use. Thanks for all your help.

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