Renumbering Viewports Issue

Hello. I’m new to Dynamo, but wanted to try my hand at using this tool to renumber views on a sheet by copying this.

But I don’t know what my issue is as it doesn’t renumber my viewports. It says “Run completed with errors” in the dynamo player but I’m unable to see or tell what is actually wrong.

Renumber Views.dyn (26.4 KB)

I’m aware that the original is 3 years old, but I tried to match similar nodes from the packages. The nodes from Archi-lab is for the newer version of dynamo, but I don’t know if that is an issue.

Please zoom in and take another photo of the graph. None of the node names or inputs are visible. It would also help to see the preview windows open as well.

Sorry about that. I edited the post with the visible graph.
By preview window are you referring to the pin under each node (forgot the name of it) or the preview of what happens when I run it?
I was also able to upload my file if that helps.

The results of each node under with the pin so we can see what it is outputting.

Here you go. It is all null. Does this mean that the issue is happening at the beginning of the work flow?

Here you go… you need to select the views manually…try with this one.

Renumber Views.dyn (26.4 KB)

I didn’t realize I could run non-geometry graphs without Dynamo Player.
I used your file and there weren’t any errors and the results look similar to yours, but the viewports on my revit sheet didn’t change to the order that I selected them.

The sheet contain Legend?

Try to Add list flatten before list count or make it @ level 2