Anyway to step View Name with numbers?

I am a noob when it comes to Dynamo but have been trying to implement certain scripts where it makes sense for my companies work flow.

Methodology of What I am doing.

We use Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, etc. as view names for our sections as its super efficient to just copy a section and have the numbers step up in order we want them added to sheets. This way anyone setting up sheets can just drag them to sheets in the project browser listed order.

The only time this becomes a pain is when someone forgets a section at say between Section 12 and 13 and we have Sections all the way to Section 33. So if we want to add a section and change the names for Section 13-Section 33 to be Section 14, Section 15, etc we have to manually type it in or rename the missed one as 12.1 .

Similar Solution to different problem

I would love to be able to step up the number portion of the view name for a selected group of views similar to how pyrevit does with the sheet renumbering.

I am not sure there is an easy way to try and create this which is what brings me here. If you all think its not worth the trouble I would much rather type a 12.1 12.2 etc… than waste time on something that is super difficult to do.

Hi @Koselig ,

I am have a hard time understanding what the exact problem is and what kind of solution you would like to create for this, is there any way you could share some screenshots with a “before” / “after” situation?

Sounds like you need to start off by filtering your existing sections above and below the new section number. Sections with a value equal to or above the new section get increased by 1 and the new section gets added in place of the previous one. You may have to set all the numeric values to something else as an intermediate step since you are not allowed duplicate view names, but then you would just change them back.