Renumber Grid

Numbers on on grid are not numbered correctly!


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Check the element ID of the grids to ensure they are sequential as intended in placement. If the erroneous ones are out of order then you may have to resort them prior to setting their parameters.

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It was the order of which I created the grids Thank you.

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Hey @Salsadude,
You might find this useful…

List goes further as in AB,AC,ETC…


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@mellouze Nice! We also don’t use O or I in grids :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks !
Scott used them in his original post, so I used it too haha :stuck_out_tongue:
You can easily remove them from the original list anyway :slight_smile:

@mellouze :smiley:

Would this Create three lists Or two At the moment using two one for Horiz. and one Vert. to annotate grid?

@Salsadude If I interpret you correctly… you only need the second code block, it has 3 outputs, the bottom one is what you want, it will give you a single alphabetical list…

You will also need your numerical 1…100 list, you can put that at the bottom of the code block…

Hope that helps,


@Mark.Ackerley said it all :slight_smile:

Just remember that the numbering starts at 0, not 1 :slight_smile:

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