Renumber details according to spline

Hi, I’ve created a script to renumber details according to a user-drawn spline. It takes the viewports’ centerpoints and sorts the viewport according to the t-parameter of the spline. However when I click run and it starts renumbering the details, I think the details renumbered are re-fed into the definition, and so it causes an error. I’ve tried doing it in two steps: first renumber the details to [_1, _2, _3, …] and then back again into [1, 2, 3, …] but this does not work either. Does anyone know what is causing the error? Note: to run the definition you’ll have to draw a spline. Also, remember to use dynamo in manual run mode. Thanks! Renumber Detail Views Renumber by spline

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Hi Jesus,

Which package custom nodes and Dynamo version your using.

Have you been able to get this work work without a spline? I’ve been trying to get Dynamo to simply renumber the sheets from top left to bottom right.

I made this graph to renumber the detail views in the order you select them:

BTW any way of getting viewport coordinates in order to automatically renumber by location?

I answer myself: Viewport.LocationData :slight_smile: