Renaming Views on Sheet with Viewport.Pts

Hello All,

Firstly, I’m working on my very first graph, so please excuse me if I’ve made a simple mistake.

I’m trying to duplicate (in general) the graph, demonstrated by Nate Holland, that renames a viewport’s detail number according to it’s location on a sheet (A1, C3…). It’s working well except that Viewport.Pts (from the Hollandaise Pkg), which I’m using to get the location of the viewports on the sheet returns Min values that aren’t accurate. They are close, but often off by a few fractions of an inch. This means that viewports that are close to another grid row or column on the sheet are often mislabeled.

My question is: where does Viewport.Pts read the Min point? Is it from the lower left of the crop region? (it doesn’t seem to be…) Does it have to do with the annotation crop? I’ve experimented and analyzed but I’m at a loss for just what could be generating that Min. point.

I’m expecting that to someone here, this is a simple issue (perhaps I should simply use another node?) so I’m not posting the graph at the moment. (The graph works fine, it’s the output of the node that doesn’t make sense to me). But I’m certainly happy to do so if that’s helpful.

Thanks in advance.