Locating the bottom left corner of viewport title

I am working on a script that currently uses the viewport.pts (min) from the Hollandaise package to locate the bottom left corner of the viewport. It work as far as I can tell, but I would actually like to know the location of the bottom right corner of the viewport title box. Is there a way to do this?

post a picture of what you already have

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It’s not very involved at this point. It basically gets viewports from here:

find the bottom left corner using this:

and pulls the X and Y coordinates using this:

Works fine but need to do it with the “LabelOutline” (highlighted in image below) instead of the “boxOutline.” (see red circle for desired point).

necessary data seems to be pulled from this node:

I’m just not sure how to get that point from it, or if there is a simpler way.

I’m starting to see how to do this but still struggling with how to work with lists. I want to take the nested list and condense it by finding the minimum value as shown below:

any idea how to achieve this?

Very usefull topics about list:

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I figured it out:

Thanks you for the links though.

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I’m working on this node also.
Some photo which you uploaded were missing. May I have some information for this?