Renaming view ports on filtered sheets?

i have a filtered list of sheets in dynamo , how could i turn the title of view port in those sheets to caps?
this is were i stuck…!

Hi Sathish,

Your filtering needs to be corrected first then you can rename viewport.

thank you so much

Still having some problems can u help me again…!

But worked for A00 series,not working for other series,

Hope image was’nt clear

I am away from my PC. Some one else can help you.

You need to get rid of the nulls in your list, List.Clean with preserve indices set to false.

I came to know that, sheet.view fails as I have area plans in the sheets,
I works for Those sheets that does not have area plans on them.,
plz help me out

Area plans are not supported in Dynamo. See this issue on github:

You can try to ask there if it is any progress.

Iam new to dynamo , I dont understand such huge programmings , can u help me with some nodes to do that if possible