Rename Filters to match Sheet Number


Can anyone advise me on how I can rename my view filters as per the sheet number?

I have come to a dead end with my script and everywhere I look I come up with no answers
ChangeFilterNametoPartition.dyn (17.4 KB)

I think we may need some more information…

Do you have already some Sheets with (the same) View Filter(s)?
If so you probably also need to duplicate the Filters.
Also, to be clear, did you make View Filter(s) for the Sheets or for the Views ON the Sheet?

For starters you could look at the View.Filters and View.AddFilter nodes.

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Hi bvs1982,

im looking to rename all the view filters that have been assign to sheet with the same sheet number. So for example, I use a View filter for each sheet and I usually call the view filter as per the sheet number but all the sheet numbers have been updated and now I have to go back and rename all the view filters to the correct name but it very time consuming.
So I was wondering if dynamo could identify what view filters is being used on what sheet and somehow rename that view filter as per that sheet, if that makes sense?

Yes, that is possible.
But if a View Filter is used on multiple Sheets already things will get a bit more complicated.
If the View Filters already got unique names things will be a bit easier.

So I was wondering if dynamo could identify what view filters is being used on what sheet

The node View.Filters does that.

yea all the view filters are used only on that individual sheet, how would I go about doing that?

or how do I find out the view filters that are used on a sheet?

I don’t wanna be rude, but i told you multiple times now… :roll_eyes:

So sorry, I dont mean to annoy you, I’m new to dynamo and when I have had a look at using the view.filter node I’m not sure how to build up the script so that it populates the filter on the sheets.

This is just an example. There are more ways to get / select Sheets.

Ah I get it now, Thanks ! is there a node that tells me what views are sheets?

In my example you only get the Sheets.