Renaming family using combined parameter values

Hi, i hope someone can help me, i have a script here for renaming a family using the values from 2 parameters, I’m having difficulty figuring out how Element.Setname to work, as you can see its on the last leg, i just cant make it work. and il be gladly to be corrected on the script if you find something wrong. thanks in advance.

Skip the FamilyType.Family

didn’t work as well, I’ve actually tried it also earlier. thanks for the replay.

Hi @Florentino_Dujale

Fix the empty values here.

Then try again.

The empty values may result in equal family names.


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to be honest, i don’t know how to fixed it, don’t want to through it because its another long time of thinking for again, but what i did was take 1 from the list and do the same process and the idea is try it 1st for 1 item to rename, unfortunately doesn’t work also. i did a lot of trial and error. i feel I’m just missing something between the connection of element type to element.setname. thanks for your time on looking into this.

Remove Empty Strings From List will do it.

Try it :slight_smile: