Renaming Elevations

A little background; we do residential design for production home builders; we always lay out our houses with a right hand garage orientation, but frequently get requests for a left hand orientation because the municipality requires lot-specific plans. When we flip a house, the left elevation become the right elevation & visa versa. I started this script and it works as I expected it to up until the last node, when the output switches from a list of view names to a list of elevation markers. Most plans have more than one version of the left elevations, so our view names are A Left, B Left, etc. Which is why I’m using the String.Contains node. Am I going down the wrong road here?Rename Side Elevations.dyn (23.7 KB)

You need another FilterBoolMask to connect AllElementsOfCategory node and then IN values to SetParameterByName. Right now your elements are not filtered.