Renaming Filtered Views

Hello everyone,

I am configuring a dynamo script to rename views but I cant get it to function as desired.

First I want to take all the views and filter them by ‘string contains’. When I watch the output after the ‘List.FilterByBoolMask’ node, I read that the desired views for renaming are all that remain. But after I connect the final node ‘Element.SetParameterByName’ and press ‘run’. It does not rename the corresponding views. Im I overlooking a step? Any input is very much appreciated.

Hi Toby,

Try this: renameview.dyn (9 KB)

Thanks Renzoj!,

But this does not work as well although it has some cleaner setup than mine.

I have adjusted you script a bit but I still get an error at the end

my bad the “List.FilterbyBoolMask” node should be connected to the “All Elements of Category” node.

Like so?

can you tell me what the error on the nodes say?

Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer. At the ElementsGetParameterByName node

Warning: String.EndsWith operation failed. At the String Contains node

need to clean the view name list like this

Hi Toby,

You are feeding the ‘Element.SetParameter’ Values into the Boolean Mask, rather than the ‘All Elements of Category’ Node so your Watch node shows you the values, it should instead be showing you the objects.

I also tend to need a ‘list clean’ and find it useful to filter out view templates using the View.IsViewTemplate node with a boolean filter.

Hope that helps,


Hi Mark,

Thank you for the reply. Although I am unable to acquire the DanEDU.List.Clean node from the DanEDU/Orchid package. Do you have a replacement node?

Hi Toby,

No worries, I would be grateful if you could mark my reply as solved.

I guess I need to do an update! You’ll find a core node Clean and an Archi-lab version, but the DanEdu version has always given me the best results, there does appear to be a version listed here…



thanks for giving the link to Orchid instead of danEDU. I have deprecated the danEDU package, so it doesnt exist anymore. It is now the Orchid package instead :slight_smile:

Thank you to all!