Rename View Templates


Was trying to create a graph that allowed to quickly convert the existing company View Template list into using other drawing category codes given by the client.

I was trying this last step with Clockwork Element.SetName node, as suggested here, but the View Template names remain unchanged.

Thank you.
CREATE - Rename View Templates to Client Requirements.dyn (33.9 KB)

Like the post you reference, I would start by trying one template to make sure your element.setname node is working. Second, I would use View.IsTemplate for your initial filtering to get view templates through the BoolMask.

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will try that @SeanP.



Found other archilab package nodes that made things easier/simpler.

Was also running into the Element.SetName node producing nulls and, just like here, it was one of the Add Ins that was throwing it off.

I’m trying to Export to Excel so I can use formulas for renaming there, but the “Workset.Name” (archilad) node isn’t working in Dynamo 2.0.3. I was successful exporting as shown here, but as the List is shown which can’t be used to bring back in…
…but I get this warning from Workset.Name…
“Warning: Workset.Name expects argument type(s) (archilab.Revit.Elements.Workset), but was called with (Revit.Elements.Views.View).”

Any help making it work with the right Nodes (Workset.Name) ro get VT Names to Export to Excel properly?

If you want to take out and bring in, I suggest you use GUID or Element ID to do the selection. This is much more persistent information.