Trying to refine my code

I have a problem. I am just trying to export out one of the views. and I can do it by adding in a code block (198) and it works fine. but if that element changes from project to project it will not be the same sheet… is there a way to get the name of the sheet so if the id changes the sheet 198 FloorPlanView(Name = CAD Export)

Thanks in advance

HElp.dyn (10.1 KB)

Use a “Element.Name” node to get the name, then use a “==” node to apply the check similar to below

Replace the view elements node i have with the all elements of category you have and link it to the other parts in similar way.
Replace the watch node i have named as “Element.Name” with the actual “element.Name” node.


You can use GetParameterValueByName (or just Element.Name in this case) to get the view names. Then you can check to see which name is equal to “CAD EXPORT” and use that with FilterByBoolMask to filter out the original view elements.

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That worked great Thank you for the help. I swear I am getting better lol


That worked as well Thank you

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So one question looks like when I export out if the plan has a hyphen in it is stopes. this is not a windows special character so why does dynamo stop (example file is A5.01 Plumbing Rough-In Plan)