Rename View Name

Hi everybody,

I’m new to the forum, actually i use it for some time now to read information.

But now i got a problem i can’t solve. I’m trying to get the template to fill automatically: got the duplication and creation of levels sorted out, can apply a viewtemplate.

only one thing i can’t solve, how can i change the viewname? it’s now being generated by the levelname. What i would like is to give it a number and letter as prefix.


anybody any idea ?


Element.SetName from clockwork will do the trick.


Connect your list with Element.setname node from clockwork package.

Apologies John, haven’t seen you already answered it. Both thoughts are the same :slight_smile:

Thnx that works great, only got 1 other question.

I’m trying to merge 2 lists into 1 with the list.CartesianProduct like in this thread


But the combiner is giving me a hard time, what’s wrong with the current setup ? The desired outcome is B - “number” - “levelname”


I’d skip the Cartesian product and combinator altogether. Just create a code block and enter this:

"B - “+ x +” - " + y

Then wire the number and levelname lists into “x” and “y”

thnx, didn’t know that codeblock where that simple.

Still need to follow some tutorials :smiley:

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