Change Assembly View Names

Hello all:

First, thanks for developing this community! It’s good to know there are people out there with more Dynamo knowledge than me…

To my question: I’m trying to write a quick dynamo script to replace the default assembly names:
Detail Section A
Detail Section B
Elevation Back
Elevation Bottom
Elevation Front
Elevation Left
Elevation Right
Elevation Top
Plan Detail

…with a better description of the view based on the component (Front side, Back Side, Underside, etc.). I can pull the view names into Dynamo, but am lost as to how to replace a specific set of values with another set of values.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you tried SetParameterByName node?

Or you can search something like set view name in this forum. Also this can help you:

How were you able to pull the view into dynamo?