Rename in-place components


I’m trying to rename several in-place components, I created importing an IFC file in Revit…something like 400 elements…

I noticed that in-place component don’t have any parameter value set for parameters “Family Name” and “Type Name” (string), but only parameter “Family” and “Type”.

Using “Element.SetParameterByName” and “Element.SetName” (Clockworks) I didn’t manage to solve this task.

The only way is to manually rename the in-place component from the project browser…is it possible to automate this using Dynamo?


Work it out.

Element.SetName in this case needs to be applied to family and/or type, not to element.

hi @m.ravelli
i can not find FamilyInstance.Type :neutral_face:
Im using dynamo 2.0.3 and revit 2018.3

I’m using Dynamo 1.3.4 and Revit 2019.

It should be a standard node.

Try explore the browser: Revit \ Elements \ FamilyInstance.

In Dynamo 2.0.3, it says "Use Element.ElementType " :slightly_smiling_face: