Problem with Simple Rename of Revit Families

Hi All,

I am trying to rename a series of detail items within Revit. There is an image of the script attached. Its seems to be working in Dynamo but not implementing the change in Revit.
Any help would be much appreciated.

youre only replacing the string value, but youre not actually setting the name afterwards :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. Any advice on what to change here MCE1112?

Hello @JD1 and welcome to the dynamo forum :slight_smile:

As @MVE1112 mentioned you still did not do anything with the family, you just created a new name that you want to apply to the family.

What you want to do is to set a new value to a parameter of the family. The parameter you want to set is called “Name”. And there is a node for setting new values to parameters:

Can you connect the rest yourselfe? :slight_smile: