Remove some text characters from each item of lists

Hello All
I am very new to Dynamo. I am trying to develop script for exporting gross area schedule to excel in a table format. ( The names of the area will be in column and levels in rows). I have got the lists extracted from the areas. I am facing two problems:

  1. How to get rid of some of the texts from the front and rear of each item.
  2. How do I align similar items in a column

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@abhijeetraje Can you post your dyn? Can you show in Excel your desired result?

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you can do it in many ways
one of them is

and list.transpose for aligning them in column

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This is the result I want to have.It seems I am not allowed to post attachments yet.

Hey Thanks. Sorry for some basic questions. Will this work on list? or I will need to do something else before applying this?

it will work on list .

This should give you what you are after?


OK… will try this… one question…will this work for

  1. Areas instead of rooms?
  2. When Multiple levels are there?
  3. If some of the rooms are not on all the levels, will the fields align in a column?
  1. I was just using rooms to extract some areas to get rid of the heading and suffix.
  2. Yes, it is all about organising your data before it get written to Excel.
  3. This is the same as the answer for question 2 it is all about organising your data.

This thread may help in organising your data…there are heaps of threads about this on the forum.

Thanks for the help. I think I can manipulate the data to get desired result.
Only one problem I have is how to fill the gaps in data. (if A-1 ,A-2 or some other names are not present on some floors, the list will be shorter, so unless the lengths are matched correctly, the entries in excel columns will be misaligned. )


You’ve got a few options… Keep list structure, or Replace Empty (Clockwork or Orchid) should hopefully do the trick…




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Hi Mark

  Thanks for inputs. I am new to dynamo.Could you possible give some example how these nodes can be used to get the desired result?

HI. All
Since then I have searched for some more options in the forum. Based on this I have been able to reach to this point. Refer Attached .dyn , excel and screenshot. I just need help to get levels in the first row and only one header for the areas. Request some magic touch from you guyes. Thanks in advance.
04-09-2018%201420 Area Statement export to Excel-other aproach.dyn (51.9 KB)
new.xlsx (10.0 KB)


Try this…

The structure of your list create wasn’t quite right, you had the name and area as a sub-list, I’ve just even’d it out…

With the ‘only one room name’… it could be that you haven’t deleted your excel file from a previous run… each export from dynamo only updates the cells you have told it too, so if you don’t delete the old excel you get historical data left over from previous runs…

Hope that helps,


Area Statement export to Excel-other aproach-MKA.dyn (57.5 KB)

Thanks for this. Unfortunately it is not working the way I want. Please find attached the screenshot of revit schedule and excel result I am attempting to have. Hope that clarifies the (10.2 KB)

Hey, this is fairly close…


Area Statement export to Excel-other aproach-MKA-1.dyn (75.3 KB)
new.xlsx (8.5 KB)

I’d recommend BumbleBee package for more control over your output, there is a user guide to go with it.

Hey thanks. Actually this is giving output like normal export schedule.
What I was looking for was that name of the rooms should come in columns and levels on rows , that way it is more understandable table.
I will try out this Bumble bee package definitely.


I made a graph which is the same as the image, but you’re saying you would like it differently?

Perhaps you could make an image of what you would like? Otherwise I have to guess and so far I have guessed wrong.



Actually I had attached excel sheet only… Attaching screenshot now.