Remove item from sublist

Good morning
I’ve got a few columns of data I’m importing. In the referenced excel sheet there are “empty”(filled with a [space]) rows to visually break up the data that was sent from GH. In this dynamo definition I’m trying to remove those “empty” items. from my sublists. Idea was to search for them in the list and remove them but the “lists of lists” of items thing is throwing me off.

Also tried a clean component but the “empty” items are not technically empty they are occupied by a “space” string.

New to the dynamo language so sorry if the terms I’m using don’t make any sense! (list of lists?? very confusing and the coins and bananas comparison in the primer was wild haha)


Dynamo does a great job at handling lists of varying depths. Most of the time you don’t even need to think about it, in your case just compare with a space and Dynamo will handle the list ordering for you.

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ahh ok interesting. Thanks! Very helpful.