Remove Paint

Hi everyone, there is any way to remove all paint used in a project with dynamo?
For example, i painted some walls with a material “Tijolinho”, and now i want remove all paint used the material “Tijolinho”, but if i do this manually it will take awhile

There’s certainly a method in the API if you know a bit of Python. If not then there might be a package out there that can.

thanks for the attention, i’ll take a look

sorry for ask, but i never used dynamo and python. I have just to do what is in the link?

Sorry for the old thread resurrection but was there ever a dynamo solution to this?
I have a graph which works similar to the native copy/monitor function in Revit, which basically copies a linked architectural model and converts all the elements to our structural versions. Only catch is that often the architect paints element faces, and this carries through to our model - it can be quite a task to find and remove them all!

I’d love to plug some nodes/python into my existing graph but can’t seem to find anything out there…

Can you help me write python remove paint on element pls

Hi every one!

Someone resolved the problem?
I have the same question and I was try to remove by python script, but I didn’t get :confused:

I don’t how to get the element to remove the paint, I just get the element Id, but I think that I have to get the face and so remove the paint. Someone can give one advice?