Get painted surfaces in dynamo

Good morning.
I am trying to get the surfaces painted and I can’t find any way to get the surfaces painted.
I really appreciate your help.

You want to obtain the painted surface in any element, both in walls, columns or beams and build a geometry in dynamo without losing the shape of the painted area.

The result should give us a list with the painted surfaces and the name of the material assigned to each surface.

Have you already tried something in Dynamo?

I have no idea where to start as I can not find any node that returns something similar

The end of the graph could be a node called Element.Materials+(?) from the clockwork package


I think you will find that you can open that node and copy out the relevant parts, editing the various bits and pieces as needed.

I’ve already tried … but I haven’t got what I want …
maybe I’m taking it wrong …
How would you do it, I would greatly appreciate it if you would teach us.

What do you get after coping out the data? I don’t really have a spot in my backlog for this at the moment. Perhaps making parts instead of splitting faces would be a more effective workflow, based on your intended output.

I get the same result …
The method used in the painted area returns the sum of all the painted areas that have the same material but does not return the independent area.

My knowledge of python is very basic

Post what you have tried and a sample model, and hopefully someone will have time to help you out soon enough. Remember there is an ask of the community just to build a Revit model which duplicates your circumstance, and it’s pretty slim that this would ever be done the same way as your model (case in point, I would likely have used parts early on).

Here it is clearly observed that the method of aerial material was assigned …

I do not know how to extend it more to obtain independent materials

Ok - this is getting somewhere.

Can you post a Revit model with the content you’re trying to access?

Here archives in Revit 2021.

Area per face painted.dyn (11.2 KB)

Areas painted independent.rvt (2.0 MB)


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@AM3D ,
I am also facing the same problem, did you get the solution of above problem.

if on a wall, multiple paint is applies, then return the surface and area separately.

Thanks in advance.

Sagar Jain