Remove lines from Parts

Hi all
I have some problems and hope someone can help

First of all I am working on a project where I need to remove a lot of lines in Parts (yellow lines on the picture

). I have tried to do it by dynamo, but have some problems. Normally I do it by Lineworks and make each line invisible but this is extreme time consuming.

So instead I stated to override the parts with a white colour and then I create a boundary around the Parts.


  1. So first problem is that when I close dynamo everything disappear in Revit.
  2. My boundary is blue is there a way to change it? And the thickness of the line ?
  3. Last problem is that I got the boundary on all views – but maybe I just should make a filter!


here is the script in better quality :slight_smile:

I figured out how to keep they are ”sketch lines” but they are still blue!

Someone have an idea to make the blue lines to black ?

The blue lines are likely the element preview in Revit. If this is the canes you can disable the preview for the nodes involving the geometry and they will go away. These would be every node after element.geometry to surface.perimeter curves.