Remove lines from a text file

Hi all,

I am trying to select the lines from a text file highlighted in yellow in the snapshot below. I’m sure this should be simple to resolve but not for me I am still so new to Dynamo.

I really appreciate any help from anyone on this one.

Hello @aan …if i understand right :wink: you could try with some regex or just remove the 2 first lines…

Hi sovitek,
thanks for reply.
I managed to filter out first 2 lines in my graph but unable to write back to text file.
writing back to text file is my problem.

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ahhh alright…do you mean like this…

Somehow it is not working for me. Please find attached if you like to test. I am using dynamo 1.3.
Test.dyn (9.1 KB)
Test.txt (27.2 KB)

@aan :


Yes join or concat should help…

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Thank you so much. it is working now.

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