File.WriteText, Export a file in .txt in multiple lines



Hi everyone,
Does Someone know the reason why even though I watch the string organized in stripe then they appear in a single line ?

In other words, I want the following result:
Query 1 (true)
Query 2(false)

Query 6 (true)

and NOT :
Query 1 (true) Query 2(false)…Query6(true)

Thank you for your help in the resolution of this matter


@adammacco What is your end goal?


you must include newline symbols in your string, try using string.join with something like \n

writing to a csv might be simpler though.


CSV is easiest if you want to use ootb nodes. Otherwise you’ll have to use File.WriteText+ from BattleBIM.


@adammacco it also depends on your initial data:

You could try this if you have a list: