Looping in dynamo to write to text file


Loop all lists in A like B to get output C and write to text file in single column


Space add.dyn (16.9 KB)


List.GetItemAtIndex with lacing and levels set right, or List.Transpose followed by List.GetItemAtIndex.

You should go back and review the Dynamo Primer as many of your recent questions are covered there. Otherwise you are going to hit a lot of stumbling blocks like this.



it works when i repalce" i "with any number…

Python code for looping in an array

looks like your’re overwriting “newdata” on each iteration, as your defining it each run. maybe consider appending it instead.


tried it …still doesnt work…


Anyway… No need for Python have you tried the following:

I can really advice you to make yourself familiar with the Dynamo Primer, it can be found here, it will solve 98% of your issues.


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