Remove item at specific index and above from every branch

Hello, I’m relatively new to Dynamo and have a lot of experience in Grasshopper but the Dynamo lists are unfortunately very limited in their possibilities and I need some help to get what I want.

I would like to read an Excel file and if there is an entry in a row but there is no heading for this column, then all entries should be removed from the list. (marked red in the picture)

I’ve already managed to control the header row and remove null objects (FilterByBoolMask) but I can’t get it to work for the others, especially the rows that are supposed to be variable at the end.

Thanks in advance

look this side with list level @L2
or else dropItems with count -1 and list level @L2
In the resources tab, you have a lot of tips and tricks
You can look here for list levels

many thanks for the tips. I found a way to clean up the list based on the headings. I used the Object.Null node with the heading and then duplicated it with the number of rows and was able to clean it up with a FilterByBoolMask.

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Instead of duplicating the booleans you can just use list levels.


Many thanks for the other option, it looks very good.