Reload Multiple Groups


I am relatively new to the Dynamo world and trying to create a script to reload multiple groups from a directory.
I have about 10 - 20 specific groups that i am trying to reload. I am also trying to save the same set of groups individually to this external directory.

Is it possible to use dynamo to reload multiple existing groups from a external directory?

And is it possible to use dynamo to save a group out to a directory

Hi @patrickmoore, I wonder if you have found a solution?
I could createCopyGroupsFromProjectModelFromFolder_v2.3.0.2.dyn (42.4 KB) a script that can copy groups from the revit model in a directory, but I couldn’t find a way to reload group from the same revit model in the directory to update the group when the revit model is revised/updated. I wonder if anyone suceeded in reloading group from a directory to a active document or batch reloading groups to multiple documents?