Released of AECTech's Dynamo Package!

Hello to all dynamo-ers,

@JUNHAN.LOH and I had released our first AECTech dynamo package! Our main focus on developing this dynamo package is to introduce computer vision into the dynamo environment! So while developing some computer vision nodes, we had also included some other handy nodes which include, excel data visualization, AutoCAD interop, excel, and many more!!

At the same time, we had also released some package guide which can found in this link!

Due to the package size, we had decided to use our own installer and not upload it to the dynamo package manager. To download the AECTech Dynamo package installer, simply click this link, and enter your name and email and click download! By doing so, you will be notified instantly when a newer version of the AECTech dynamo package is available!

Well, of course, this package is a work in progress (WIP) package, WHICH MEANS, any feedbacks or functions or even suggestion to include new technologies (like the computer vision) is welcomed and we will do our best to incorporate it into our existing dynamo package!

Thank you for your time, and we hope you will have a great time playing with our nodes!


Great job @stillgotme @JUNHAN.LOH :clap:

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