Reinforcement Optimization

Hey there,
I have a structural model with all reinforcements and each rebar having length under 12m now i want to make a rebar optimization like, if any of the rebar having <12m length for e.g. i used a rebar of 7m length in beam and 5m length is now waste i want dynamo to run a process where it checks all the rebars of the project and where it first matches the 5m length it will fill one parameter value like a mark or anything else. and that same value it should write in that 7m rebar.
so the end goal is to minimalize wastage and optimize each cut rebar to reused somewhere in project
please help me out on this


Good thought, here where you need help. I mean where you stuck?

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i need to get this thing done with dynamo

It would be way easier if this was done mostly in python, something like this probably

get a list of all rebars
filter out bars which are at stock length (12m)
for each bar check for matching remaining length rebar
if found add bar marks to some parameter in each bar
remove both bars from the list

can you help me out with python i don’t know the python scripting so,
The process you suggested is exactly same i want

I research in same topic