Reflect the image to the curtain panels

Hi, I am trying to do a script to reflect the imported image to Curtain Panels, it’s not working, any advise? Thanks.

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Display.ByGeometry Color works for geometry representation inside Dynamo. You can use Element.OverrideColorinView to override revit elements and if you actually want to change individual panels(not just overriding them), you’ll need to implement an instance parameter in the panel family.
You’ll also need to sort the panels the same way as the pixels in the image.

This is an example of something I did a while back. Using Image.Pixels and Color.Brightness then remapping the value and feeding a number parameter in the individual panels with it


Wow… this is cool! Would you mind to share your dynamo script?

I would post a screenshot of it, but I really don’t have it on this computer. Anyway, the tips that I gave you should get you started.
Really the key thing here is sorting the panels.