Refinery sample CreateOfficeLayout missing nodes?

Hello people!

First of all I would really like to give a big thumps up for the whole dynamo community. I have never seen such a helpful and engaged community. Such a vibe is really rare in the AEC community from my experience.

I have some limited experience with Dynamo and have used it in my work as a civil engineer. Recently I found out about Refinery and wanted to try it out. I started with the sample project CreateOfficeLayout but have problems exporting it from Dynamo to Refinery. I get the following error:


I cant figure out with which package was this node created. I tried to find out with the WhatTheNode package but they dont know the answer either


A collegague of mine just indicated to me that I will probably find the missing packages on the Refinery github page. I am goona try it out today after work