Install Refinery to Dynamo Sandbox

Hi there! I´ve been trying to install Refinery to any Dynamo Sandbox, but I have not success.

Is there any advice for this problem?

I already have Refinery for Dynamo Revit, the problem is only with Dynamo Core/Sandbox.

Copy the contents of the Refinery package into the directory you use for your Dynamo Sandbox package library and you should be good to go. To find the location of the Revit package check the node and package path settings (under settings menu) and you can get a listing of the directories used there.

Thanks @jacob.small but this solution you propose is for “installing” the Refinery package inside Dynamo Sandbox. However, I would like to get the Generative Design top button for use it with Dynamo Sandbox instead of using Dynamo Revit.

The above instructions should work in sandbox for just that purpose. Same with Dynamo for Civil, Dynamo for FormIt, or Dynamo for anything really. :slight_smile: