Dynamo package customization

I am experimenting a bit with creating my own node packages on my local machine, and I am getting into more questions than answers.


1-How do you add “sub-folders” to a package?
2-How do you add a “sub-category” to a “sub-folder”?
3-How do you add colors on the lines?
4-How do you add the symbols?
5-How do I change the icon?


Below is the first line in a dyf file, using dynamo 1.3.x versions

Workspace Version="" X="0" Y="0" zoom="1" ScaleFactor="1" Name="Sigma.Component" Description="Creates list containing a Sigma Component" ID="5dc3a209-1c63-48db-8142-8be19ece86bc" Category="Orchid.Applications.Sigma.Actions"

Below is the first lines in a dyf file, using dynamo 2.0.x versions

  "Uuid": "5dc3a209-1c63-48db-8142-8be19ece86bc",
  "IsCustomNode": true,
  "Category": "Orchid.Applications.Actions",
  "Description": "Creates list containing a Sigma Component",
  "Name": "Sigma.Component",

The category tag is the tree structure, and it is slightly different in 1.3.x and 2.0.x version. The name is what is showing up in the node, but in 2.0.x versions is something diveded by a dot also the tree structure. Try to see what suits you.

The last part of the “category” --> Actions, Create, Query is the three symbols and colors your are asking for.

just one question, why are you tagging this topic with Rythm and Archilab? doesnt seem to fit!?

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Where can I access the lines that you have displayed? I am not sure where to even look for them…

This is my first attempt at trying to organize my scripts with packages.

I had tagged them with ArchiLab and Rhythm because that is what I was using to open the files and learn how the masters did them. But no luck :confused:

It is always a good idea to be precise with the tags you put on… misleading tags means that you might unnecessary disturb authors to the packages. This question is a developer question.

It sounds also as you have moved your self into deep waters. If you don’t know what a dyf file is, what is it then you want to organize? Do you want to shoplift others work? If that is the case then I find your question inappropriate.

Start building your own package when you start making your own nodes!

Makes sense, I will be more mindful of my tags in future posts. I have already removed the tags from this post.

I am familiar with what a .dyf file is, I enjoy writing my own scripts. I definitely am not in it to shoplift any other persons hard work. Most of my scripts revolve around project setup and view creating/view template assigning. (this is one of my favorite scripts for creating views, associating a view template and renaming the view names & title on sheet)

I usually use package nodes, and have only written very basic python codes. This experiment of trying my own Package has definitely moved me into deep waters, that much is clear. But I have a file of about 15 of my own scripts that I want to make more accessible for my team, and putting together a package seemed like the next step!

Regarding the fifth item on your list (node icons), have a look at this article:

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With scrips do you mean graphs doing something computational for you? Something that hosts nodes from different packages!? (so called dyn files) …and you want to share those graphs with your team?

This is what Dynamo Player is for. Put your graphs in a folder and run them from inside Revit. This folder can be a network folder location.

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Yes! I was calling the file by the wrong extension, my apologies.

We have experimented with the Dynamo Player, but never fully implemented it.

you can’t organize dyn files in a package so it shows up as a node… there are ways to do it, but stick to what you know by now and use the Dynamo Player instead.

I think this will help you for now, and when you then begin to make more generic stuff in custom nodes, then start investigating how to make a package…


Thanks! I will adventure into those much deeper waters at a later point

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