Recreate ExcelLink addin in Dynamo

Hi guys,

I’m trying to recreate the ExcelLink addin in Dynamo. Basically what this addin does is exporting any existing Revit schedule to excel (including IDs and UniqueIDs) and then import back all the changes from excel.

Nothing new, except it can work with almost any schedule and exports automatically only the elements currently appearing in the schedule (not the filtered ones) and all the columns shown.

As long as you keep the UniqueID in the same row as the corresponding parameters, you can modify the Excel file as you want and the import to Revit will work properly.

I assume it works with the UniqueIDs and all the associated parameters in the same row. I guess it finds out which element does a parameter in the schedule belongs to and then get the ID from that element, as not all the schedules contains an element.

So that is what I’m trying to do: finding a generic way to get the UniqueIDs from every row in a schedule. However I can’t find an automatic way like ExcelLink does. Is this possible? Does something like Get Id From Hosting Parameter Element In Schedule exist?

I believe I have covered the rest of the task.


Hi @franciscusm, a schedule is essentially a view in Revit so you are able to collect elements from it in a similar way as other views.



Thanks, that will do the trick! :slight_smile:

By the way, do you know if the elements collected by the Springs.Collector.ElementsInView will be in the same order as the elements in the schedule?

You will have to order them because Dynamo orders by element ID by default.