Rebar Shape

Hello every one

I’m currently working on a graph that should create rebars on a selected wall with dynamo.

I have at this point created rebars related to a surface, and now i want to direct some of those rebars to a certain shape.

and that seems to be a bit more difficult. i have tried a number of different things, but nothing at this point have managed to control the rebar shape.

here is a picture of my latest attempt

do any of you guys out there, that know a way to control the shape of rebars with Dynamo ?


If you give the Rebar.ByCurve polycurves instead of curves it will create other shapes than straight.

Hey Einar

thanks for the respond, but how do I get polycurves when I use the elements surface to construct the curves for the rebars?

Have you tried Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves?