Rebar Amount different from the Curves Amount

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I’m generating rebars from curves defined previously using "Dynamo for Rebar" and “Bim4Struct” packages. The problem I’m getting is that I can’t figure why the Number of rebars delivered from the Dynamo for Rebar is not the same as the number of curves that get into the node.

Please If anyone could help me.

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Hi @Jorge_Villarroel

Make sure your using “Rebar.FollowingSurface” for curves.

Hi @Kulkul,

Actually, I’m using Rebar.ByCurve because the faces are not an input. In a previous step I use the faces of the elements selected to get the location of the curves. I’m trying to put the rebars in the corner faces of the wall element.

So, if I’m not wrong, I asume that this node is capable of creating a rebar from any curve that you use as an input. Am I missing something?

Here’s the whole script:

Thanks in advance for your time.

Dear regards.

Hi @Kulkul ,finally I managed to get the result that I want with your advice. Thanks a lot.


@Jorge_Villarroel Glad it helped :wink:

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